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As one of our consultants…

… You’re receiving direct and personal guidance from our recruitment team throughout the hiring process.


...You know you’re getting paid fairly, above market rate - because we know your talents are worth more.


...You feel secure in your new position because we’re providing the training and skills you need to succeed, no matter what.


...You’re still feeling supported long after you’ve been hired because you know PTP has your back.

Our Company

Why We're Different

At Paramount Technology Partners, we’re striving to build a better working relationship between our clients and our consultants. What this means is that:

As one of our clients…

...You feel assured that your staff are equipped with the most in-demand and up-to-date skills.


...You’re not losing sleep over your IT projects being abandoned midway due to employees leaving for other opportunities.


...You have peace-of-mind knowing you’re working with a consulting firm that sponsors H1 visa candidates directly. This means the hiring process is simplified - we maintain control and can offer a more personal service throughout. 


...You feel confident hiring your next tech talent, from an honest consulting firm, that aligns with your company’s values, needs, and business goals.

Diversity & Inclusion at PTP

Paramount Technology Partners stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Creating a true partnership means taking an honest look at where we can improve. 


For too long the tech industry has been exclusive and inaccessible to many.


We’re trying to change that.


At Paramount Technology Partners, we believe that real success can only be achieved with a truly diverse team.

We know there is always room for improvement.


We’re learning. We’re growing. We’re evolving.


And we gladly welcome feedback on how we can do better - from our candidates, our clients, our team.


Our aim is to make working life more equitable for all our valued partners.


Let’s change the way we do tech, together.

Our Collaboration with Year Up

As part of our commitment to a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive future for aspiring leaders in tech, we’re collaborating with Year Up.

Check back soon - we’ll be updating our website with more information on this exciting collaboration.

Meet Our Team

Kiranjeet Kaur

Lead Technical Recruiter

PTP is all about people - we truly care for our candidates, clients, and we invest incredible amounts of hard work and detail into each project we take on. We listen and make sure we fully understand the needs of our clients to find the most qualified candidates. Keeping our candidates in the loop throughout the entire hiring process and providing the required training before the interviews, helps our candidates reach their individual goals - both professionally and personally.


I am humbled to be among such a talented group of people who motivate each other to diversify and enhance our skills through the exchange of knowledge and responsibilities. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be constantly learning and to feel empowered to lead a strong team.

Charmaine Luna

Lead Technical Recruiter

Working with PTP I realize my potential for growth is limitless. Being very hands-on with all the steps and processes, from the technical training to the client meetings to collaborating with the various stakeholders of the company, has given me a better, more holistic perspective of the recruiting industry.


We don’t just treat each new project as a business transaction, but more of a partnership - we ensure all our clients’ and candidates’ needs, wants, and concerns are well-addressed and fully met. We handhold our candidates as they go through the various interview screenings, right up until they get an offer and eventually start working for their new company. Maintaining good personal relationships is our number one priority at PTP.

Kind Words for Our Recruiting Team

I've worked with many different consulting firms before and have largely had a mixed experience. The team at Paramount Technology Partners is very personable - they were always there to answer my questions and keep me posted on the timing of the next steps with the hiring company. I was given fantastic support throughout an arduous interviewing schedule with the client - I think the interview prep I did with PTP really helped to push me over the top when getting hired. 


PTP has a great group of people working for them who really hustle to find a good fit for their clients. I would definitely recommend Paramount Technology Partners to anyone who is looking to for their next big career move.

~ Jake ~

Kiranjeet is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. She has broad professional knowledge about the industry and is passionate about helping both sides - the company and the candidate. She introduced me to my new company’s culture, history, and people, and pointed out why it’s a great company to work for. She also provided me with insights about the importance of the position, its requirements and why it is a perfect match for me based on my background and my strengths. 


Throughout the recruiting process, Kiranjeet has been consistently diligent, thorough, and a terrific communicator. Every time I had a question, she went above and beyond to find an answer for me. She follows up promptly after every step and makes sure the process moves along smoothly. Thank you, Kiranjeet and the entire PTP Team!

~ Rebecca ~

I’ve worked with various firms in the past and dealt with forceful recruiters wanting to place me in roles that weren’t a good fit. Paramount Technology Partners on the other hand approached me professionally and proposed an opportunity that included the skills and responsibilities that I was looking for which was fortunately within the range of my home. PTP went above and beyond my expectations - they coached me all throughout the hiring process and I eventually ended up being offered the job I was scouted for. I highly recommend PTP to any Technology people looking for better opportunities.

~ Marcus ~

Whether you’re hiring or looking to get hired, connect with our expert team today and learn how PTP can help you.

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